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Enjoy Speaking in Public, for Women.

I will help  you learn practices to  work  your  body, voice, breath and mind in harmony, so you can express your best self, with confidence. 

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                            I am Vanessa, and you will find everything about me on this page.

I have always loved expressing myself! I was born into a multicultural family where we talk, we tell stories, we make people laugh...   When I was little, I discovered dancing, the physical and artistic abilities of the body. Which led to my first encounters with the stage... Later,  I had a revelation: Theatre! The power of words, their ability to touch and transform people... I was hooked.   My path took me to England, where I trained in voice work,  singing... and had my first yoga classes! A new dimension was offered to me, and so began an experience that continues to this day.

And life goes on, I explored many paths, I had children, things changed. But I always  seem to revolve around the same axis    the joy of expressing through body and voice, the love of words, the desire to touch and transform people.  So naturally after practicing and teaching yoga for many years, after being on stage, and having felt great pleasure in my voice vibrating and sharing messages, I am now focusing on your desire to be seen and heard when you speak in public.  So I can join

  body, voice, breath and presence       Everything I love...

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Public Speaking Coach

Pour les Femmes

Attention to Expression

Prise Parole

I help women speakers who doubt themselves and feel nervous when they have to deliver, use their voice with confidence and mastery.


You are a public speaker but take no pleasure in it. You palms get sweaty, your belly aches, you're overwhelmed with doubt, and it keeps your head busy for days...  I am here to accompany you with a tailor-made program that adresses your situation and  the way you live it. My goal is to help you find ease and pleasure when speaking in front of people. Thanks to better stress management, by relying on a controlled voice and a strong mindset,  you will find the confidence to express yourself in all legitimacy. 


Speaking, has to do with the voice, therefore the breath and the body responding to your intention. To be able to rely on a calm voice, we need to be connected to our body. 


Speaking in front of people requires self-confidence. We must succeed in silencing the little voice that keeps sabotaging us. It is all in the mind.



So much is happening  inside of you when you decide to stand in front of people and speak. Starting with stress...


My professional speeches were lifeless, formal and boring, while bringing me tremendous stress. I would hide behind a great rigor to camouflage my inner palpitations and the knot in my stomach. The work we did over time with Vanessa helped me establish a radically different approach, very gently. I have changed my outlook and now dare to make lively presentations, while keeping true to myself and with far less stress, even when the stakes are high and in complicated circonstances.

Laurence L. Doctor

Focus 90 Minutes


In preparation for an event or to work on something specific.

It is preferable to have worked with me before.


In person if possible,

or via video conference


1/2 Day VIP 


A complete session so we can take the time work deeply  on a precise issue. . 


In person if possible,

or via video conference


Express and Enjoy

Let's talk !

4 months tailor made program,  were we will address what you specifically need, so that you can approach public speaking with serenity.  

In person if possible,

or via video conference

 Are you looking for support and inspiration to help you join in harmony your body, breath, voice,  and mind? Join me on Instagram, and on my Youtube Channel, for guidance,  vidéos, physical and breathing exercices,  méditations, quotes... Everything you need to fuel  your motivation and keep going  forward. Follow me! 

I have also recently created a Facebook Group, "Prise de Parole au Féminin". A safe space for women to share their experience and support each other, in French. If language is not an issue, join us!

Latest Release in English

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Need to reconnect
with your body?

Introduction to Yoga


Online Training

Discover yoga as a whole, Postures, Breathing, Meditation, and Theory. Start practicing at your own pace and with precision. With this  online training you will learn everything you need to know to start your individual practice.


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 Private Classes

 Private lessons  (French/English) in person or by zoom


Registrations, Contact me!


What seduced me above all was the quality of Vanessa's guidance . 

Her voice, the way she carries out the session, it's as if she were there, with me, as if  she knew exactly what I needed to hear in order to be reassured and to keep going.

Always the right words, at the right pace.  

I feel supported with kindness, as in an individual lesson.

Florence B. Actress


I came to yoga already physically fit, and thanks to her classes I managed to harmonize my movements and my breathing. Searching for alignement! From a purely physical point of view certainly but especially internally. Body and mind in harmony, listening to each other.

If you let yourself be guided by the advice and voice of Vanessa,   there is a good chance that you will get more than you imagined when you started yoga.

Alex T. Researcher

I discovered a soothing calm, surprising positions, amazing sounds and all this while respecting my rhythm and my abilities. With smiles and kindness Vanessa makes sure that our positions and our movements are well done. The guarantee for me not to hurt myself. 1h30 of relaxation and meditation, a real pleasure, I feel privileged to participate in her classes.

Patrick P. Producer

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Past Lives ...

This is what got me here. How about you?

Vies Antérieures


Mpmp .png

What joy comes with   choosing each word carefully... Sometimes they're even spoken by wonderful actors,  as in  "Mon Pays, Ma Peau". The show  is currently on tour in France. 


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A stage,

a set,

a studio...

Unforgettable memories.

And now... ?

I sing! 


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Casting, is to participate in the realization of a vision. And with extras, we bring life on set.   The work is about relationship, creativity and, support 

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To contact me

Thank you and see you soon !

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